Horticultural Show: Saturday 1st September 2018 2pm to 4.30pm

September is show time, with our annual Horticultural Show alongside other attractions such as a beekeeping stand, Pimm’s tent, giant games, tombola, morsbags, plant sales and, of course, tea and cakes.

We are keen to get more entries from other villages, and especially from children (seven years old and under, and eight to twelve). If you grow produce, bake, make jam, arrange flowers, make handicrafts or take photos, then there is a class for you. Do have a go and enter something. Entries are judged in the morning, then open to view in the afternoon.

Download an entry form, or pick one up from the Challis Garden summerhouse or Challis House at 68 High Street. Please return to 68 High Street (Mary Challis House) by Thursday 30 August and include age of child in children’s classes.

Classes are: 


All entries must have been grown by the exhibitor

    1. 5 white potatoes
    2. 5 coloured potatoes
    3. 5 onions with necks tied and 2 cms of root attached
    4. 8 shallots with necks tied and 2 cms of root attached
    5. 5 beetroots with necks cut at about 5 cms and roots attached
    6. 5 runner beans
    7. 5 French beans
    8. 5 carrots with foliage trimmed
    9. an exhibit of any other vegetable
    10. 5 tomatoes with short stems
    11. a truss of miniature tomatoes of any variety
    12. 1 cucumber
    13.  1 head of lettuce
    14. 5 cooking apples
    15. 5 dessert apples
    16. a dish of stone fruit
    17. a dish of soft fruit
    18. an exhibit of any other fruit
    19. a vegetable marrow for weight
    20. the longest runner bean
    21. a presentation of herbs


  1. a miniature arrangement of flowers no taller or wider than 6 inches
  2. a vase of annual flowers
  3. 5 stems of perennial flowers
  4. a single rose bloom
  5. a single bloom of any flower other than a rose
  6. a green arrangement
  7. a buttonhole or corsage for a wedding
  8. a flowering pot plant
  9. a foliage pot plant


  1. 1 jar of jam made with soft fruit
  2. 1 jar of jam made with stone fruit
  3. 1 jar of marmalade
  4. 1 jar of chutney or relish
  5. 1 fruit cake – any recipe
  6. 1 decorated celebration sponge cake – any recipe
  7. 6 fruit scones
  8. 6 chocolate brownies
  9. a loaf of bread of any recipe or shape
  10. a 1 lb jar of clear honey
  11. 3 eggs, any colour


All entries must have been made within the last twelve months

  1. a hand-knitted article
  2. a crocheted article
  3. an article of decorative needlework
  4. a sewn garment
  5. a picture in any medium (but not a photo)
  6. a photo on any subject, up to 9 inches by 6 inches, not framed or mounted
  7. an article made of wood



8 TO 12 YEARS)

  1. a miniature garden on a plate
  2. an animal made from fruit, vegetables, pins and matchsticks
  3. an arrangement of flowers
  4. 6 decorated biscuits
  5. a piece of craftwork.

It is planned to hold an auction of exhibits at the end of the Show to raise money for the Challis Trust. Please remember to make it clear if you don’t want your entry to be auctioned.