Platinum Jubilee Exhibition

The Queen's Platinum JubileeWe are delighted to announce the first post-Covid exhibition at the Challis Museum. It will be held in early June (opening dates in the next edition of Sawston Scene and on the noticeboard outside the house). We are mounting an exhibition which will celebrate the life and reign of the Queen, featuring:

  • her life and reign
  • her Prime Ministers
  • her previous jubilees
  • royal visits to Sawston
  • Sawstonians who have met the Queen or have received Royal honours
  • Sawston Coronation celebrations
  • Sawstonians celebrating the Silver Jubilee
  • Jubilees of Queen Victoria and King George V
  • How Sawston has changed during the Queen’s reign

We have delved into our archives for documents, publications and items and following our appeal in the last edition of Sawston Scene, and have received several kind offers to loan or donate royal artefacts. If you have any items you would be prepared to loan us for the exhibition, please contact